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Our clients’ common needs are to reduce risk and increase value. Risk covers CAPEX and OPEX budgets, delivery of major works programmes, asset depreciation from sustainability and regulatory non-conformance. Increased value includes delivery efficiency, improved asset occupancy and performance, as well as increase asset attractiveness and overall, maximized returns.

Property and Investment clients are impacted by macro market and financial trends.

A current trend is Digitalisation. There is a huge demand for e-commerce trade resulting in a need for logistics and data centre assets. This trend accelerated during the current Covid climate. Similarly, population growth has outstripped supply so there has been a continued need for beds, whether they be rented accommodation, private care homes and dedicated student accommodation facilities. These trends and asset cycles are predicted and acted on by our banks, investors and developers.

Sustainability has moved to heart of all business. It impacts cost of debt finance for investors, it can reduce or increase the value of assets and ultimately impacts whether investors buy into funds, banks or developers. In many countries, it also determines the legal status of an asset in terms of regulatory compliance.

Interest rates drive banks’ profits and investment plans. The higher the rates the higher the banking profits and ability to invest in CAPEX programmes for new ventures. Conversely lower rates drive increase cost efficiency and asset optimization. However, lower rates are great for developers and investors as they leverage the lower cost of debt to finance or refinance, projects and investments.

Due to the above, many clients are in a continual state of flux. Our key clients benefit from account leaders who continually listen and probe to understand client business needs. Our account leaders use the feedback to create a solution response tailored to deliver the desired client business outcomes. Being global, we can do this consistently wherever in the world using our core strategic pillars of scalable deliver solutions and digitalization.

Financial Institutions

We experience common business themes from real estate, infrastructure fund and bank client needs; Service scale, delivery consistency and quantifiable value, whether risk management or improved financial performance

Commercial Developers

We have a rich history, track record managing our client’s development budgets and significant asset data.

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